Meet the Founder

Mamta is an artist by heart, by soul and by passion in a true manner. An artistic upbringing coupled with a relentless love for paintings and art drove her to start House Of Mamta few years back. This is her ‘customised art and lifestyle’ brand that curates artworks in traditional as well as abstract and contemporary manner, all with the agenda to liven up your spaces. Her multi-styled paintings essentially include portraits of Indian and International cultural art forms that seem to have been brought to life by lively, rich colours. Just browse through our studio and you will get exactly what you’re looking for.

  • A Multi-Styled Original Paintings

    We all like to feel good, and hanging a painting on a wall often gives people immense happiness. With our multi-styled collection, we assure you that the journey of searching for and deciding on "THE ONE" becomes an easy, rewarding, and gratifying experience. Go ahead, try us!

  • Museum-Quality Prints

    We ensure greater longevity for your painting-like prints by using the highest quality archival ink and acid-free paper/canvas.

  • Over 15 Years Of Trust

    Our buyers are as confident, positive, and creative as we are, so when our wavelengths have been matching for over a decade, it's no surprise!