How do I choose art for my living room?

How do I choose art for my living room?

I have always believed that the living rooms are the main gathering spaces in our homes. They’re also the perfect spot to show off your individual style and display your artistic taste. It's often the first place guests will see when they walk into your house, so we want this space to be warm, comfortable. Remember, A well-styled home is a welcoming home.

Adding wall art is one of the easiest ways to transform an space. You have chosen the living room; now let me help you with my quick tips that can make choosing the right art form easier!

1. Just like an outfit too loose or too tight can make you look unflattering, an artwork which is not the right size can take away from the beauty of the room and the artwork itself. So, match your art’s shape to the wall space. For example, horizontal landscape art over your sofa and portraits above the fireplace, if you have.

nature painting flower jungle art wall decor

 2. Consider how you use the space. If you host, pick impressive large art with a delicate or no frame. If it’s mainly your family room, then try framed photos. The painting should not out-grow the furniture size.

koi fish painting for home office

3. How do you want to feel? Choose right art subjects, styles, or even colours that reflect the mood you want to set. Think about the height of the room and leave enough space around the artwork to avoid it making the room feel smaller.

Just remember, your living room design is all about your personality, and is wide open in terms of how you express yourself. Be sure to vary mediums—oils, watercolors, collage in different types of frames. Mixing different sizes is a key component. The good thing about wall art is that you can mix it up and move it around as many times as you like to make the space work for you. And you don’t need to be a designer to pick out the perfect wall decorations, from contemporary to coastal.

All you need is a perfect place where you can find the multi-style painting collection, like for your home!

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Dear Mamta, Can you please let me know the cost of koi fish painting – original ? As it shows it sold out already? thank you.

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Where can I buy that red buddha painting on canvas?

Vikram Batra

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