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2024 X Wall Art trends

While 2023 is saying buh-bye, the new year is approaching fast. So it is time to look at the new wall art trend to define 2024. Painting has always been one of the best ways to lightning up your interiors which expresses your personality in every way and in every room. It will never go out of fashion. As I always say, the paintings or prints you choose to adorn your walls are a deeply personal reflection of who you are.

So here are some wall art trends to watch out for in 2024.

1) Soothing Art - Peaceful, calm-like interiors are en vogue. The World out there is a crazy place and while you can't really control what happens outside, you can surely make a tranquil place inside. The pandemic forced many of us to re-think what it meant to live in our homes, and many people pivoted towards more natural light and materials.

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2) Wall Space: More or Less -
How much space should your art take up? Frankly a lot depends on the layout of your home and which area you are designing. I personally think that grouping paintings isn't going away anytime soon. You have to be quite careful while sorting the grid like spacing, otherwise it may give a shapeless or cluttered feel. And too often, the result is a barren wall that lacks pop and inspiration.
The trick is to have an adequate spacing between pieces and try artworks with various styles and sizes. Mixing mood of minimal with heavy patches bring out completely fresh perspective.

3) Hues to make your walls pop - It's like when you walk around a museum, the plain white walls are overwhelming. Those colours work well in commercial space because they don't compete with the work. But, in a home setting, those same white walls could feel overly cold. And of course, maintaining cleanliness might be a nightmare! I am not saying whites can't ever work, but it's worth considering other colours when you are looking to strike the right balance between making your space livable and showcasing your art.

The prints you hang on your walls have a big impact on choosing the proper wall color. So, examine the wall art you wish to hang and seek for common colors or tones. Complementary colors, which are opposite each other on the color wheel, are another way to work with wall art with a consistent theme.

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4) Oversized Wall Art - One of the upcoming trends in 2024 is set to be the year of large or oversized wall art. One of the best aspects about big wall art is that it allows you to completely change a space with just ONE piece. Large dramatic pieces seem quite elegant and modern when matched with a few modest accents. Soft and delicate colors on a bigger piece, on the other hand, may truly open up the space of a living room.

Indian elephant painting, religious , spiritual decor for home
While it's good to keep an eye on upcoming wall art trends, remember that your decor should express who you are. Don't be afraid to trust your instincts when it comes to color, style, or arrangement.

At House of Mamta, we understand the importance of choosing art that communicates a sense of self and personality. That is why we offer a wide range of different sizes, styles, moods, which means you'll always be able to find a piece that speaks to you. Shop our products and collections online today on www.houseofmamta.com or connect with us with any questions.

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